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Friday, #5

Disclaimer: This news brief was circulated on October 28, 2011.

If yesterday would have been the last day of October (it wasn’t), the Dow Jones would have had the biggest monthly increase since 1987: 13.2%. That doesn’t say much about the annual data and is mostly driven by the summit insanity in Europe, but it’s still kind of crazy.
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Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street raised half a million dollars, but their direct-democracy collective keeps them from having a leader and so they can’t appoint a director and can NEVER BECOME A CHARITY. Well failed people.
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After George Osborne yesterday, David Cameron continues this moronic behavior that preemtively blames Brussels for the shit the is flying towards the UK economy and is talking to the EU countries outside the eurozone: “Following a meeting of all EU members, Cameron held separate talks with some of the leaders of the 10 countries not in the euro zone; Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Czechoslovakia.”
Find the mistake.

If you didn’t find it, go back to high-school and retake history and European politics. Or just google Czechoslovakia. Fail, Reuters, FAAAAIL.
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UPDATE: Reuters made changes to their embarrassing mistake and it now reads “… and the Czech Republic”. It’s still funny.

The consumer confidence index says we (in the UK) are as pessimistic as in the beginning of 2009, which is pretty bad. The number they quote is -32, which means it’s down 32 average points from the benchmark set in 1985. Why 1985? Because that’s when the CCI survey was conducted for the first time. But screw that! says I; I continue to live beyond my means like there is no tomorrow and just bought an iPhone that I couldn’t really afford. Stimulating the economy, being a responsible citizen, that’s what I call it!
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So long.


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  1. […] monetary union was created. Eurozone inflation is at 3% for the third month in a row, BUT…  consumer confidence is up from -32 to -31 in November. Only marginally, but still, this is somewhat of a good sign. Or […]

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