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Tuesday, #2

Disclaimer: This newsbrief was circulated on Tuesday, October 25, 2011.

Here an explanation why we’re all uncool, because we don’t have white iPhones: read article
If anyone remembers the statistic (rightly) claiming that iPhone users have more sex in comparison to android and blackberry users, it might be worth the marketing boost to find out what the situation is when comparing black and white iPhones…


The most annoying thing I’ve heard today was someone saying “what if the Google search algorithm would change tomorrow? How would that impact your work?!”

In 2010, the Google algorithm was updated 516 times. That is 1.4 changes a day.


Tomorrow, the eurozone leaders are meant to come up with a panacea in something that the WSJ called “the 873rd Weekly Eurozone Summit to Save the World” – but it probably won’t happen. What’s kind of interesting is that one of the two options proposed in the latest EU doc on the whole situation is to set up a special purose investment vehicle to buy ALL of the junk bonds of “the country in question” (hint: they speak Greek there) to repackage, rerate and sell them. Where would all that money come from? My mind wonders…


Princeton’s Daniel Kahnemann is all over the shop these days: He recently published an article in New York Magazine (read it through at least to page 3, that’s where it links back to the current state of Wall Street) and just now he was published on Bloomberg, writing on the pros and cons of optimism. If everyone’s so wild about him, you might want to read into it… The man has a Nobel Prize for crying out loud.
read article  read article



So long.


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