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Wednesday, #3

Disclaimer: This newsbrief was circulated on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011.

The FT did a nice write-up of the Brussels meeting schedule (starting last week) on their EU blog:

– Friday afternoon Eurozone finance ministers

– Saturday: EU finance ministers

– Saturday: EU foreign ministers (general affairs council)

– Sunday morning: EU national leaders

– Sunday afternoon: Eurozone national leaders

– Wednesday: EU finance ministers

Wednesday (tbc): Eurozone finance ministers

– Wednesday: EU national leaders

– Wednesday: Eurozone leaders

So much for efficiency… read article


Google launched a report telling us about what numerous governments are trying to get off the internet. It’s creepy.


The guys from Planet Money got their hands on a government report called “Life After Debt”, a report that was written during the Clinton administration, outlining what would happen if the US would pay off all its debt. Because they were running a surplus back then, it was not as absurd of a thought as it is now.. (conclusion: the world economy needs US treasury bonds, which get issued when the US borrows money. No debt = no borrowing = no treasury bonds = what would replace them??)
read article 

My headphones broke this morning and I will have to order new ones from amazon. They will be thankful, after all their earnings fell by 73% in Q3.


The most confusing thing I have read today is that a Finish cellphone producer coops with an American software company and gives the product a name in Hindi.

And a last one for girlpower, IBM announced that Virginia Rometty will succeed Sam Palmisano as CEO. She’s the first woman to hold that position in the company.


So long.


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