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Friday, #10

I’m tired of Greece, so all of today’s links are positive and mostly awesome.

Groupon has finally done it and staged its IPO. With a surprising (surprisingly high, up from $540m) $700m it’s the second largest IPO of an internet company behind Google, which debuted on the Nasdaq in 2004, raising $1.7bn. This values Groupon at $13bn. read article

Lucky you, if you live in a metropolis like me; there might be smog, but at least we know when it’s going to rain: The Daily Stat of Harvard Business Review says weather forecasts are more accurate in big cities… read article

A fun little interactive infographic to the Euro crisis. It’s fun because it’s a data visualization(!!!), but it’s actually pretty scary, because it shows how much of a problem Italy already is… read article

But Italy’s financial turmoil is not a bad thing through and through. Silvio Berlusconi, Italian PM and 118th richest man in the world with a net worth of €5.6bn, had to delay the release of his debut album True Love. The collection of love songs unfortunately collided with the boderline collapse of the eurozone. read article

The coolest thing I found on the internet yesterday is this: Kaggle. They host competitions for statisticians and data scientists who can enter into challenges posed by different companies. The Heritage Provider Network, for example, offers $3m (yes, MILLION) for the person who finds an equation that can predict if patients will end up in the hospital in the coming year. All pretty cool. read article

Have a good weekend, guys!


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