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Tuesday, #11

You know, in high school I majored in literature and spent some time studying theatre of the absurd… funny how that reminds me of what’s going down all around us these days.

Last night, Greece’s PM Papandreou and the opposition leader Antonis Samaris, who were roommates at Amherst during their undergrad (how awkward is THAT?), came to the conclusion that it might be time to get someone else to take care of business. MarketBeat called this the best case scenario last week, so YAY!
Not a lot of detail has been revealed so far, but there will be a coalition government and a new temporary PM, before new elections around February. Thank god, they’re considering getting an economist into the driver’s seat. read article

Meanwhile in Italy, the next in line to dominate the news, the markets and the future of the eurozone, is going crazy. Bloomberg reported a rumor that Berlusconi is going to step down, after his party started hating on him late last week and the markets went up. Then Berlusconi’s people denied it and market went down again. This might continue for a while…

On other news, a massive asteroid is passing earth in the period between today and Wednesday. No need to worry, the rock with the catchy name asteroid 2005yu55 will probably not hit us (201,000 miles away), but it’s usually only every 25 years that something flies by so close.

Because nobody is left with money, as the economy is shit and some of us (Greece, Greece, Greece, Italy, Greece) are so bad at managing their pocket money [and tax systems], the architecture industry is looking towards Asia now. Fair enough, if only wages weren’t so much lower there that people like Frank Ghery (known for having designed the Bilbao Guggenheim, jewelry and the Ghery tower in the very city I grew up in) are worried about their shrinking commissions. read article

Way cooler however, is this slideshow (image #5! yes, please!)

Finally, I posted this article on facebook last week, but its fantastic and you should all read it in case you haven’t yet. It’s part of Joris Luyendijk’s exploration of the world of finance and discusses women, prejudices and gender inequlality or even equality in the least annoying, most authentic way that I’ve ever seen. read article

So long, have a good week.


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