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Tuesday, #12

Just before we get started: hands up who knew that the Russian bank Evrofinance Mosnarbank is the largest stakeholder in the Venezuelan government!

Greece still doesn’t have a new PM, but we only care so much, because Berlusconi is facing another vote of confidence today (late afternoon). Voices get louder [again] that he could lose the majority if only his fellow party members man up. read article

This morning on Bloomberg news Andrew Lilico, the managing director of Europe Economics said that we shouldn’t worry about Italy defaulting. The country is still running a budget surplus, which is expected to be 0.8% of GDP this year. That’s not only higher than the surplus of countries like Germany and Finland, but also means that Italy could service their debt. Maybe. Unless, so Lilico, Italy slips into another recession. Then the fear might get more real then we like…

Here the WSJ From College To Career infographic (excel sheet): A tabular reason why we all should have studied actuarial science and a very well deserved second last place for “miscellaneous fine arts” (according to unemployment rate). Did you really expect you’d get a job with a degree that reads MISCELLANEOUS?! read article

I always get a little bit annoyed when people say things like “oh well, it’s Google translate, it’s shit”. No, it’s not. It’s impressive. Only because you expect a very literate midget to sit in your computer translating everything in real time, doesn’t mean that’s how it works. THIS is how it works. And it’s awesome. read article

Finally, all Londoners should please get this free tube app (iPhone). It will make your life more aesthetic. read article

So long.


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