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Thursday, #14

Fun things first. You might have already heard it, a 24-year old Oxford history grad started tweeting WWII as it happened. Is that crazy? Yes. But it also reminds us of the old question how smartphones would change warfare. follow here

Greece is being slow and annoying about replacing their prime minister: Papademos was basically a done deal… until it wasn’t. A new suggestion is Filippos Petsalnikos, but the conservatives don’t want a socialist. Aren’t we all glad that this time-sensitive issue is handled with an appropriate sense of urgency? read article UPDATE: Papdemos was just named new PM! read article

As of yesterday, we’re allowed to openly talk about a breakup of the eurozone. Not like there’s consensus in any shape or form, but maybe we can hope for deliberation. In case of a split, who would be likely to stay? Germany, France, Benelux. That’s a given. Probably Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Finland. And they can’t kick Estonia out after they proved to be the only country capable of enforcing austerity measures. But the rest? Questionable, to say the least.
Find the yey (to breakup) here, and the ney here

This morning, the EU growth forecast for the coming two years was revised down from 1.5% this year to 0.5% next year. Doesn’t really come as a surprise. Moreover, Spain and Portugal missed their deficit targets; and as if that wasn’t enough, the eurozone’s gross debt, 88% this year, is expected to hit 90.4% in 2012 and 90.9% in 2013. Here’s to a not so rosy future. read article

Finally, some more visualized data: the Guardian data blog, wants less words and more graphs, showing Spain’s ridiculous youth unemployment rate of 48%, how Italian yields creeped up on the >7% they are at now, and that we might be close, but not actually IN a recession. read article

So long.


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