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Tuesday, #17: Warren Buffet is Spiderman

Apparently out of nowhere, Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) bought $10.7bn worth of IBM shares. Buffet is notorious for abstaining from technology shares, so this could all be attributed to the new chief investment officer Tood Combs. Alongside IBM, there was also a $9.3m purchase of Intel shares, which are valued at $190m. Nevertheless, FT Alphaville gave a possible explanation of the surprise element of the whole thing: following the good old “with great power comes great responsibility” (who can guess the… YES! Spiderman!), Berkshire Hathaway’s investment decisions have such an impact on the market that the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) cut Buffet a deal: “tell us, and we won’t tell the other kids”. This way prices don’t skyrocket just because Warren wants a ThinkPad. read article
(alright, alright, I know that ThinkPad is not an IBM brand since 2005 anymore… but it got the point across, right?)
Here another article telling us to go back to school to study computer science, and telling those in law school to STOP RIGHT NOW. This time the insight comes from a Hedge Fund manager who prefers mortgages to student loans considering the current [and near future] job market. read article
Three days from now, there will be a dance-off between Angela Merkel and David Cameron in Berlin. Angie loves the eurozone, but just today her government voted in favor of possible exits from the single currency. This could be the beginning of the final bit of the really long end of the crisis that Greece is in since a pretty long time now. We shall see… read article

In the meantime, I’m a little unsure what to think about the reaction of police removing the occupy wall street protesters. According to Reuters, most people just picked up their stuff and left, and only a small group stayed to see what the police would actually get up to do. Almost exactly two months after the protest in form of a scout camp started (on September 17) it was declared a health and safety threat. It’s funny how people use the term “public space” to support their agrument against the eviction. If the space belongs to the public, then why does that give you the right to start living there? read article

So long.


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