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Friday, #20

Background reading of the moment: Another guy called Mario (fine, Mariano) might join the other two (Draghi and Monti) on the European politico-financial scene as prime minister of Spainread article

The Economist’s Daily Chart put data from the Thomson Reuters 100 Top Global Innovators report into charts, by country and by industry. Interestingly, no Chinese companies made it onto the list, because,even though China is world leader in patent volume, their influence is negligible in comparison and their quality is shit. The top 100 features the usual suspects, IBM (57,414), Apple (25,587), Microsoft (185,004), Pfizer (29,329). But one company, Google, which arguably nurtures innovation like no other with bean bags and ben&jerry’s and ponies, is not on the list even after acquiring Motorola, who after all invented the cellular phone.

Here an article on the relation between income inequality and economic growth (and education and taxes): read article

The ECB released an iPhone game called €conomia, which challenges the player to keep inflation under 2% by cutting interest rates. The most hilarious feature is probably the catchy music when you open the article

Have a good weekend.


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