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Thursday, #24

Nothing works in Portugal today, where everybody and their mother is on strike (no trams, no trains, no planes), protesting against proposed austerity measures. Portuguese sovereign debt is expected to reach 100.6% this year, which is one of the reasons why Fitch downgraded the country to junk status (from BB+ to BBB-) this morning. read article 

Finally, we’ve all been waiting for it, the Vatican is voicing its opinion on the debt crisis, telling the ECB to actread article

Reuters’ analysis quotes people saying the current state of the crisis “will define the next 15 to 20 years”. This follows a conversation I had yesterday which had concluded that there’ll be proper growth again in maybe five or six years… so much for that. read article

Joris Luyendijk’s Voices of Finance blog continues, this time with a sales guy at a brokerage firm talking about daily routine, ergonomic chairs and the two types of tradersread article

The Guardian data blog does employment stats. Find your job, its mean salary, if you’re underpaid (of course you are) and how big the gender pay gap is. read article

Happy Thanksgiving!


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