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Friday, #35: half-baked is better than not-baked-at-all, right?

We got ourselves a solution. Kind of. We got ourselves an idea of a solution. All EU member states (that is the eurozone-17 + Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Sweden) have agreed (or said they might – to a journalist) to a fiscal-union-imposing treaty change. The only one out? The UK, who wants to go home and is unwilling to sign anythingDavid Cameron’s fortress of solitude [from European regulation] is looking more like a sandcastle after his negotiating tactics were called “clumsy” and voices got loud that he might have just scored an own goal when trying to protect the British economy. read article

Update: what do you know, Croatia wants to join the EU more than ever. read article

Half-baked may be Ben&Jerry’s best ice-cream flavor, but it’s an undesirable outcome of a regional summit, says the FT. Here’s Felix Salmon‘s take on the solution that wasn’tread article

The current summit is the eighth crisis summit of the year. Reuters, thankfully, has put what this meant for banks (or rather the MSCI euro zone banks index) in a graph. As Barry Ritholtz put it:

I am not sure if the index leads or follows various meetings”  view graphic

And while everyone was busy in Brussels, Moody’s downgraded France’s three biggest banks Credit Agricole, BNP Paribas and Societe Generaleread article

But as some of the nauseating decoration in my office reminded me, it’s the holiday season and nothing says recovery like a Christmas tree. IBISWorld, market research agency, published figures on expected holiday sales (US only unfortunately), most interestingly Christmas tree spending. Can I get a chart on this? No…? What? There was no chart to be found… so I made one myself. The Daily News Brief does charts.

The Daily News Brief does charts

Here the article that inspired all of this: read article

And finally, something that might come in handy in the holiday season: a chart indicating how drunk is appropriate for a company Christmas party by hierarchical rank. view graphic

Have a good weekend!


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  1. […] For some weekend reading, the Economist’s leader advocating “a limited version of federalism [as] a less miserable solution…” Now that just sounds great. On the other hand, like I’ve said before, half-baked is better than not baked at all, right? […]

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