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Tuesday, #46: back to work, everyone!

2012 is already better than 2011. Literally: The British Purchase Managers Index rose to 49.6 in December (reminder: 50+ means growth) thanks to orders from China, Germany and Eastern Europe. But a slower rate of decline is no growth [duh…], and so the PMI fell for the eleventh month in a row. A recession isn’t looming… it’s pretty out there. read article

Meanwhile, the eurozone PMI rose 0.5 points to 46.9. See the difference? One’s much closer to the growth-benchmark.

Spanish unemployment rose (marginally), by 0.04% [which only makes it so much worse, right?], while German unemployment figures fell to 6.8%, the lowest since the reunification. Clear win and [potentially] good for consumer confidence and spending. Go stimulate that economy.

Ken Rogoff is worried about worrying about the wrong things in growth modelsread article

Get comfortable on the couch and tell me about your fears: ‘the 13 most frequent phobias bankers suffer from ‘

And one to for procrastination: the Guardian data blog does 2011 in data (and charts and videos): read article

So long.


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