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Wednesday, #47: tech and comparative data

The eurozone inflation rate fell from 3% in November to 2.8%. Combined with the expected decrease in consumer spending over the coming months, this leads the way for more interest rate cuts by the European Central Bankread article

Yahoo, in re-enacting the struggle of the Belgian government, fired its CEO Carol Bartz in September and now its interim CEO Tim Morse. Next one in line, Scott Thompson, current president of PayPalread article

Just inMicrosoft is suing UK retailer Comet for [allegedly] selling fake Windows Vista and Windows XP recovery CDs. My question, [as I don’t know anyone who has ever actually BOUGHT such CDs] how many could they possibly have sold? read article

More tech news that make me really happy: Soundcloud, Berlin-based audio stream platform, got $50m Series-C funding from über-venture fund Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (Zynga, Twitter, Groupon…) and GGV Captial. Congrats, congrats. You should all use their site.

And once again, Denmark is taking the ‘country that is best at things’-prize home. Congratulations, I am not surprised. The opponent in this battle was the US, beat in the shadow of the Peltzman effect regarding entrepreneurship and intergenerational income mobilityread article

This Christmas, the friendly security staff at Stansted Airport pointed out to me that marmalade is a liquid, or rather, a ‘non-solid’. I had to go back out and check my bag in properly. It was annoying and embarrassing, mostly because I like to think I’m a very efficient flyer. Freakonomics feels my pain: read article

So long.


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