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Of lawsuits against Greece and reinventing the world

Hedge funds are trying to sue Greece in the European Court of Human Rights Court for violation of bondholder rights, i.e. forcing all [private] bondholders to take losses on their investments in Greek debt through a collective action clause (only exemption: the ECB, which presumably holds something like €50bn worth of bonds). read article

Greek debt swap talks continue, thank God Zero Hedge provides a flowchart for this whole crisis business: view chart

People say if you want to sue someone, sue them in London. But as it turns out Germans are more efficient [and cheaper] (So eine Ueberraschung!) and so everybody involved with smartphone patents, Apple, Motorola or Samsung, as moved to Mannheim, Germany, for the time being. read article

Meanwhile, Apple pursued its favorite past-time of “reinventing” the world as we know it. This time: books. Heartbroken about the hostility towards real books, I have to admit, it’s cheaper. read article

Otherwise, Google missed its earnings targets for the first time. Not to worry, the company still grew by a whole 6%… that just wasn’t as much as expected. Earnings per share ended up at $9.50 instead of $10.49, leaving net revenue at $8.13bn instead of $8.41bn. Also, Google released figures on Google+ usage, saying that of 90 million users 60% sign in each and every day, while 80% sign in at least once a week. I don’t remember the last time I was on Google+. But that’s just me. read article

So long.

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