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Tax cuts, haircuts, job cuts…

Note: There won’t be a news brief tomorrow (Tuesday, 24 January).

Christine Lagarde of the IMF just gave a speech on economic challenges in 2012 in Berlin and said that the EU needs to bolster its bailout fund(s). She also advocated eurobonds, an idea that Angela Merkel despises, shoving all eurozone sovereign debt into one kind of bond. read article

Meanwhile, eurozone finance ministers are sitting together in what I imagine to be the least fun meeting ever, trying to compromise on the Greek debt restructuring deal. On that note, the Reuters haircut calculator.

A breakdown why your iPod really is a global product and why it makes little sense to say that Chinese workers don’t benefit [enough] from the high prices charged in shiny Apple stores all over the world: read article

Modeled behavior on taxing or not taxing immigration. read article

Another story from Joris Luyendijk’s banking blog, this time on being fired. A woman, formerly in a business management role at an unnamed bank in the City, talks most candidly about what it’s like to be made redundant. (must)read article

So long.


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