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Of procrastination and the 1%

Rumor has it, Greece might not blow up in our faces (yeah, right…). Olli Rehn, European Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner, said that a deal is close. “If not today then over the weekend.” So now this is aboutprocrastination… read article

Meanwhile, SocGen economist James Nixon is running around declaring a eurozone credit crunch, after ECB loans to the private sector came in at 1.1% less than estimated. read article

Arianna Huffington and Felix Salmon advocate moving the World Economic Forum to Greece (“Maybe an island…”), while sitting in what looks like the storage closet of a board game-fanatic. watch video

Salmon also has an idea why Davos delegates don’t care about the Occupy “movements” (and yes, I’m still putting that in quotation marks, because if we talk about inchoate things, Occupy X is pretty high up on my list). read article

Stratford, primarily known to me because it’s not in zone 1, will shortly become the hub of athletic excellence when the 2012 Olympics come to London. This is what the shopping list for Occupy Stratford and its 16,000 ripped attendeeslooks like: read article

Why loving Apple and hating Goldman Sachs is an example of inconsistent preferencesread article

And finally, in case you have been educated in economics and biology, a chart showing why the 1% end up becoming investment bankersview chart (read full article)

Have a good weekend.


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One Response

  1. PersTintin says:

    The lucky 1%!!!

    Not sure I would trade my health and personal life for baldness and a few additional zeroes in my bank account 🙂

    Thanks for the post.

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