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Eurocrisis – the musical. Seriously.

The CBOE volatility index, designating the fear in the market, hit the lowest mark since July yesterday. At the same time, the Kauffman Foundation released a report pooling economics bloggers’ opinions regarding the US economy. Most used words: ‘uncertain’ and ‘fragile’read report

But really, all I have been waiting for is this: EuroCrash! – the musical. It reminds me of “Occupy Wall Street – the musical”, but this time around it is an actual musical, with a stage and actors and songs about sovereign bonds. It started in Frankfurt, but will come to London in February. If I go, I promise a detailed critique afterwards. read article

In other news, Belgium’s recession was confirmed yesterday. The country’s economy contracted in the last six months of 2011. read article

And Facebook actually filed the papers to go public; Marc Zuckerberg even put on a suit for the whole charade (see homepage of FT). He remains to hold 28.4% of the company, which is a whole lot of money. But now that everything is out in the open, we also know that Facebook made exactly $1bn in profits in 2011. Now, and this is only funny if you’ve seen The Social Network (which I’m sure you have), TechCrunch reminds us of the scene in the movie where Sean Parker’s character says “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A BILLION dollars.” Admittedly, a badass PR gagread article

Finally, as the deadline to save what there’s left to save in Greece keeps approaching, somebody might want to send Papademos a copy of Jonathan Tepper’s how-to manual on exiting the euro… a scenario in which ‘bank holiday’ actually means what it says. read article

So long.

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