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Happy Brits, unhappy Greeks and very happy private equity investors

After the manufacturing PMI rose earlier this week, the British services sector is doing better as well. Forecasts saw slow growth for the month of January, but au contraire, it was its fastest expansion since March 2011 according to Reuters. read article

Otherwise, you might have noticed that there is still no deal on the private sector involvement in Greek debt. The ECB still refuses to partake in the discussions, which is shifting the whole scenario to the right side of this [FT Alphaville] graphic. More detailed guesses on “logical [next] steps” hereZero Hedge says none of this matters, as it just comes down to how much Greece is willing to fulfil German demands in order to be ‘saved’. read article

If you’re really really interested in the Facebook IPO, or more accurately in the company’s structure, who got what and what happens if Mark Zuckerberg dies, have a look at this (See p.133 for Accel Partners share value increase since 2005. One word: WHOA.). And if you’re lazy, have a look at this infographic that puts Facebook nation into perspective.

A new story from Joris Luyendijk’s Banking Blog: this time about the very end of the food chain, being an intern. The girl, M&A intern at a major bank at the time of the interview, sounds like about a good handfull people I know. Not generic, just familiar. She talks about thankless work and the “bruising” process of applying for jobs. I don’t think anyone who got out of university in the last four years would disagree, particularly with the latter… read article

On that happy note, have a good weekend!

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