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Greece, the “bottomless pit”

So Greece approved the bailout package. Meanwhile, between 10 and 45 buildings were set on fire by the discontent Greek people. One of them was a bank in Athens that had already been in flames in May 2010 during protests against the first international bailout measures… They/we just don’t learn.

Germany’s finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Greece remains to be “a bottomless pit“, that the problem isn’t solved because of a lack of trust and that either way, Portugal is next.

Antonis Samaras, who is assumed to be the next [conservative] prime minister, said compliance with the painful austerity measures demanded by the IMF and the EU should be renegotiated after the April elections. Thanks for raining on everyone’s parade… read article

Otherwise, the OECD lead economic indicator is rising [slightly] and shows that things [in a larger sense] are improving, mostly driven by India, Russia, Japan and the US. China, Brazil and the eurozone are still decliningread article

Meanwhile, Apple is suing everything and everyone around, extended the Samsung patent war, fought in Germany, and starting a new law suit against Motorola Mobility in California (after Motorola’s suit against Apple was rejected by the German regional court of Mannheim on Friday). That’s interesting because Google acquired Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn and the deal will probably receive approval from US and EU authorities this week. So really, Apple is suing Google: clash of the titans, round 1read article

The New York Times did a portrait of Betsy Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, both economists, who devote most of their time to the economics of marriage, child education and divorce. Efficiency all around. read article

Executive pay has been a touchy subject all along and it’s not unreasonable to propose it should be in proportion to a company’s performance… Graphic detail put in a chart who is/was most over- and underpaid CEO according to this principle. view chart

So long.


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  1. Philomenas says:

    Greece TheBottomless Pit, which Goldmann Sachs helped to create, by fixing the Econmical Report from the Greek to EU in 1998 , and a lot of other funny interests from Goldmann Sachs.

    USA point with the Finger at EU and Greece (11Mill) People.


    Should you not clean your own Backyard, before the lawmakers rund around and make confusion in the world, and do not care a nansecond about there own people. Old wuild west again. You sure did not develop very much since 1850.

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