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Greece, bonds, hipsters: It’s comment day.

Because I’m bored with the news, today’s news brief is a selection of comments and opinions and fun things.

Many have said that the Greek people are those who wrongfully have to pay for the international effort to save the global financial system – again. There is an article on the Guardian Comment Network that is outraged about the misuse of the words ‘bailout’ and ‘austerity’. But more importantly, it addresses the question of Europe’s moral obligation to the Greek people. It’s not surprising that capitalism gets the blame in this really simplified argument… Nonetheless, it’s an interesting read. read article

From a different angle, Buttonwood’s notebook, a blog on the Economist, notes issues with the perception of risk in government bondsread article

Planet Money’s Adam Davidson takes a stab at defending hipsters and praises them as the future of the American economy. Maybe. read article

Information is Beautiful provides us with an answer to who [or what] is running the world in its poor devastated chaotic state. (hover over the chart to see the TRUTH). view graphic

Otherwise, if you’re wondering why Pringles start tasting like cornflakes, it’s because Kellogg’s just bought them for $2.7bn from Procter&Gamble.

Also, “Shit Wall Street Says” (alternative title “I am the 0.5%, bitch”). Priceless.

So long.

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