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The roller coaster that is Europe

It was all going so well, and then the services and manufacturing shrank… While Germany and France actually didn’t do too bad, the likes of Spain and Portugal dragged down the average. At least it seems like the consensus moved from ‘a year of recession’, to ‘a quarter of recession‘. Thinking positive. read article

Not so positive is that Fitch downgraded Greece [and we still haven’t hit rock bottom] from CCC to C. See page 10 in this document for reference.

Occupy London actually really has to break camp now. The City of London Corporation has been suing the … ‘situation’ for literally being in the way [among other factors like hygiene]. Very expected response from one of the protestors: “Authorities are untouchable.” Right. Your. Tent. Is. In. My. Way. read article

A while ago, I posted a study from the University of Texas at Austin, finding a high degree of correspondence between Facebook profiles and actual personality traits of people. Now there is another study, this time from the University of Northern Illinois, Evansville and Auburn University, saying that there is a correlation between profiles and work performance, even GPAs. And no, party pictures wouldn’t render you unemployable… read article

(Having said all that, some of you may know that when you apply for a job at Facebook, you can choose to apply with your profile…)

Is your job making the world a worse place? In other words, are you working in the fast food or fashion industry? (Yes, the financial services, petroleum and tobacco industries are on the list as well.) read article

So long.


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