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Irrelevant info makes you stupid…

… ironically, news are kind of slow today.

The ifo indicator of German business climate rose on the back of strong(ish) domestic demand. At the same time, the eurozone is said to contract by 0.3% in 2012, as opposed to grow by 0.5% as previously expected. read article

In the Greek debt write-down business, RBS is taking a £1.1bn hit today, Commerzbank €700m and Credit Agricole €220m. Ouch. Commerzbank also came forward this morning saying that its profits halved (to €638m) in 2011. Double ouch.

But thank god, someone is thinking out of the box here, Felix Salmon’s solution to the Greece problemCANADAread article

Harvard Business Review’s Daily Stat says that irrelevant information makes you disfunctionalread article

And FT Alphaville discusses social mobility and poverty and the reform of British state schools. Bottom line: if poor students perform badly across the board, then it’s not a problem of school management, but of social mobility. read article

Finally, in remembrance of Pancake Tuesdaythis chart.

So long.


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