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Lloyds, the bank with the hands down best office building in London, had a reported loss of £3.5bn last year (NYTimes Dealbook reports a £2.8bn loss, just FYI). Of course it had to do with the economy. But there was also the £3.2bn hit the bank had to take for mis-selling payment protection insurancesread article

WWAED (what would an economist do): Ken Rogoff on austerity, wages and numerous crises in an interview with read article

Joris Luyendijk took a break from interviewing anonymous bankers ( in the City and travelled to Tokyo and talked to a corporate banker. read article

And then a venture capitalist turns into a raging feminist on the topic of gender ratios in boards of Fortune500 companies. As for the “higher collective intelligence” claim, where exactly is the evidence for that? I’m still waiting on an article that reads “Your next CEO should be a woman if she’s the best candidate for the job.” read article

Information Is Beautiful released the shortlist with 12 infographics of its Hollywood Dataviz challenge. Personal favorite: What Movie Should We Watch Tonight.

Have a good weekend.


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