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Let’s boycott tzatziki

Yesterday, Ireland announced to hold a referendum regarding the EU fiscal pact. In an act of gratitude, I think they could have let this one slide, but that’s just me…

The Dutch voted in favor of the bailout package for Greece, but reserved the right to publicly bash them. Mark Harbers, Dutch liberal politician, said it loud and clear:

“… it can still go wrong in Greece, because there are Greek people living there. No one can blame us for not having any trust in them anymore.”

About a week ago, the Greek consumer protection organization Inka called for a boycott of all German and Dutch products. Why? Because it helps against austerity and default, stupid. read article

In the night from Monday to Tuesday, the Occupy London camp in front of St Paul’s was cleared by the police (really like the headline in the Sydney Morning Herald: London peels off occupiers). Today, the Guardian reads this:

 “I was sorry that the City of London tore down an oasis of political speech.”

Mark Greif, the author, writes this while is is not actually in London. He hasn’t been to the happy camp side ever since it popped up and generally seems to prefer writing about the US ‘occupations’. Kind of funny. read article

Planet Money asked three LSE economists why middle class jobs are disappearing and what that means (never mind their solution, it’s not exactly a breakthrough). read article

Otherwise, Microsoft has released Windows 8 for public testing and Apple has announced a new iPad for March.

So long.


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3 Responses

  1. “because there are Greek people living there” ?? um, yes, there are… does he want us all to starve to death / commit suicide / move to the Netherlands / or … what?? I’m confused. I wish he would explain what he would like for us to do to please him.

  2. […] in Italy: Wolfgang Schaeuble, German minister of finance, followed to lead of Dutch politician Mark Harbers, and made a ‘Greece’s problems are Greece’s fault’ kind of statement. There […]

  3. […] other words: I don’t want the Grexit, but “there are Greek people living there,” so what are we going to […]

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