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And why wouldn’t Serbia want to join the EU right now…

Herman von Rompuy, the by far funniest looking European politician, was elected for a second term as president of the European Council. Kind of surprising that there was any kind of election considering the person in question is Belgian… Anyway, he will be in office until 2014, but can not be re-elected thereafter. read article

In other EU news, Serbia was confirmed as a candidate member country and the fiscal pact will be signed today [by all except the UK and the Czech Republic].

Relevant for everybody who’s using Twitter: the micro-blogging service has sold the rights to mine its data to two research companies, so expect super tailored ads in the near future… read article

Otherwise, we’re all looking forward to the outcome of the Russian presidential elections on Sunday. It’s a breath-taking race between Vladimir Putin and… wait IS there another candidate? read article

The Economist examines why SME should stand for ‘small-and-medium-sized-enterprises-hopefully-soon-to-be-massive’read article

New York City blog Gothamist finally got approved as official press by the NYPD. That’s interesting because it took more than 90 months for the application to go through. In 2008, it was rejected on the grounds that blogging wasn’t considered journalism. It was only in the year after that a law suit forced the NYPD to give out press passes to bloggers. Pretty late to jump on that train… read article

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