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The EU’s image problem just got worse

The EU should be used to having an image issue by now: No plan is good enough, no policy is effective enough, no compromise is tenable to begin with… But the woes have reached a new high: So the EU went out and tried to brush up its image with commercials. Commercials to show that we are one union we should be proud of and stuff. Except this time, the Kill Bill-esque ad was construed as being racist, which is just a little bit ridiculous. The Daily Mail called it propaganda, but then again, it’s the Daily Mail… The Guardian got some more qualified commentary (and a very detailed description of the video in case you can’t find the play button). read article and watch video

Private investors in Greek debt have until Thursday night to commit [or not] to a debt swap to keep Greece from defaulting [or not] in two weeks time. Among those that are still opposing the idea: four Greek pension funds holding bonds worth around €2bn. read article

This all sounds pretty grim, thank god Alphaville puts the fun back into austerity, and annotates Deutsche Bank research with teddy bears and Ugg bootsread article

Otherwise, the new iPad is going to be presented later in the day. It still don’t have one. I still kind of want one. This is pointless news for me. Here’s Apple’s sales broken up by product since 2009view chart

It’s generally kind of been a good week for Apple so far, as they made progress in one of the 11,000 intellectual property law suits involving Motorola Mobility and Google, forcing the latter to hand over documents on the development of Android and the merger with Motorola. Boom! read article

So long.


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