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Oh look, a new president!

Joachim Gauck, self-proclaimed “left-leaning liberal conservative” (whatever that means…) has now officially been named the new president of Germany. Hopes are high that he will restore the dignity of the office of the president, i.e. not denounce the war in Afghanistan (Koehler) or borrow money from dodgy friends (Wulff). Two is a trends, three is a collection: who wants to make a bet on how long this one will lastread article 

But despite the recent abundance of presidents, we all know that Germany is doing pretty well. But wei are zey so suxessful? Because of Max Weber and the protestant work ethic. And what’s best about it, you don’t really need to be protestant for it… read article

Lucas Papademos is trying to push through the Greece crisis by intense positive scanning: he told the FT in an interview that it would be less than two years until the country’s economy would grow again and praised the EU-rubber-stamped austerity measures as the best idea so far. That’s a bit of a new, unexpected and somewhat delusional vibe, isn’t it? read article

Otherwise, UPS bought Dutch delivery service TNT for €5.2bn and the UK is considering to privatize its roads. Privatize ahead, says I. Scrape it off the budget and let’s hope for better infrastructure! [side note: I am yet to actually drive a car in the UK, so maybe I should hold off on that opinion.]

And finally, included because of the title: “Gas Prices: The Kim Kardashian of Inflation

So long.


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