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The trick is to keep spending

Ahead of tomorrow’s budget, UK headline inflation fell to 3.4% in February due to decreasing gas and electricity prices. And with every bit inflation lowers, hopes that the British will finally start spending some money again go up. In line with that: the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has upped its economic growth forecast for the year. read article (inflation) read article (OBR)

France, on behalf of the EU, is giving Google a hard time regarding the piles of user data compiled since the company changed its privacy policy in early March. CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique) doubts the new rules will comply with EU privacy and data protection laws. This includes, for example, tracking people and compiling data stored on smartphones. read article

Otherwise, Mario Monti has an awkward meeting with Italian trade unions today, and India is nudging its airlines to disregard the EU emissions trading scheme. The scheme will impose a toll for carbon emissions on inbound and within Europe. In case the EU would ban Indian airlines from flying to its European destinations, India would blatantly overcharge European carriers for flying over India:

“If things continue like this, then European airlines will be forced to avoid flying over India and go over the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal,” the official said. “That’s not viable for them. They won’t have fuel to do that.”

Most sophisticated policy dispute ever. Next thing you know, someone starts crying. read article

Are you dreaming of becoming an undercover agent, but you’re stuck in finance? Go work for BlackRock, they have code names and everything. read article

Infographic for all Londoners: here’s a map of how many hours of minimum wage you would need to pay the median rent in your area. So it’s expensive (and awesome) to live in zone 1… what else is new?

So long.


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