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Easter trend: $1bn deals

It was just another Easter Monday, and then Facebook bought Instagram for one billion dollars. Well done, Instagram: it’s series A funding in February 2011 valued to company at $20m; 14 months later, Facebook’s acquisition values the business at 50 times as much. Can you share graphs with Instagram? read article

More interesting than the investment in this hipstertastic photo-sharing tool, however, are the parallels to the Google-YouTube deal in 2006, says the FT. read article

Another $1bn deal ($1.056bn): Microsoft bought a portfolio of 800 patents from AOL. Others bidding for it were the usual suspects (Google and Facebook), but also Amazon and eBay. Weird. read article

Otherwise, the OECD CLI (composite leading indicator) points upwards! Not exactly in a steep angle, but up is up, meaning that the OECD countries could possibly maybe see some growth at some point in the not too distant future. read article

Having said that, the IMF still sees the eurozone contracting in 2012, disregarding the increase in exports (+1.6% since January) that Germany is parading around this morning. read article

All other numbers coming out of Europe today (found here) are kind of depressing, with the exception of Switzerland’s unemployment rate of 3.9%.

Want to make $12 a second? Become a CEO. Another analysis round of executive pay. read article

Nathan Heller has an article in the New Yorker‘s Books section, describing and analysing the way we (assuming ‘us’ to be younger than 45 just for a minute) live: alone. But it’s not depressing, au contraire, it’s hilarious. Some, including myself, think it’s technology’s ‘fault’ that single life is to accessible and comforting, but the psychologists cited in the article don’t exactly agree. It’s too bad that this article only touches upon care for the elderly though, and no other areas such as tax policies or real estate.. Anyway, still a good read. read article

So long.


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