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Maybe Apple should buy the eurozone?

So Apple has grown to be the biggest beast out there. Fine. But it has reached new levels of absurdity with the company’s market capitalization exceeding that of all companies in Greece, Spain and Portugal combined.Bloomberg says that Apple’s value has increased by 653% since March 2009, which is, let’s just say it, CRAZY. Anyone want to bet when Apple is going to be bigger than the EU? The US? The WORLD? read article

ZeroHedge proposed Apple should buy the US Department of Justice, which is currently suing the company (and others) over the pricing of ebooksread article

If you’re bored of PIIGS (and more precisely, Spain), you might want to worry about France insteadread article

Sarkozy, quite the creative genius there, is sort of doing the same thing, using worries about Spain’s future for his re-election campaign. Spain’s Rajoy, who is playing the European-unity record he borrowed from Angela Merkel, responded that EU leaders should be “careful with their comments.” Spain would never say anything bad about other European countries and doesn’t believe in gossip. read article

Otherwise, Shell is having a slight problem in the Gulf of Mexico in form of a light sheen of oil (light meaning 1×10 miles), resulting in a … not so light drop of its share price. read article ranked top jobs of 2012, and ‘reporter’ ranks on 196 out of 200. Now that’s encouraging. But what is worse, my job actually ranks behind ‘vending machine repairer’ on #88 and ‘dishwasher’ on #193. What?! read article

So long.


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