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Right-wing Europe is getting scary

What you might have missed on Friday:

Christine Lagarde sat around with the Bloomberg crew proclaiming that Spain, indeed, does not need a bailout and that everybody should stop making fun of Rajoy for saying so. Morgan Stanley, more or less simultaneously, said Portugal would need a second bailout in September. Potentially confusing. Bloomberg marked Earth Day (22 April) with a tutorial in How To Destroy The Planet 101, accounting for everything from space viruses to a death star to supervolcanos. read article

Over the weekend, Europe went crazy [and it’s not over yet] and the IMF agreed to boost its funds to $430bnread article

The first round of French elections happened on Sunday, with Hollande winning 28.63% of the votes and far-right daddy’s girl Marine LePen securing a scary 18.5%. Round number two will be held on 6 May; Hollande is still expected to win. Across the border in Germany, voices are getting loud that France could face deep painful cuts of EU funds if it doesn’t stay committed to the necessary budget cuts. But more importantly, what’s the next Merkozy? More than direction or leadership (or money), this continent needs a new acronym! read article

Otherwise, the Netherlands saw some significant cracks running through its current administration on Saturday, which broke up the government officially this morning – Prime Minister Mark Rutte is expected to hand in his resignation to the queen at a meeting later today. He has been in office since October 2010. New elections will probably be scheduled for September. This will be the 5th time the country holds general elections since 2002.

The background story: Rutte’s party (VVD) needed the support of Geert Wilders’ freedom party (PVV) to push budget cuts worth around €15bn through parliament to make the budget target. Well, it didn’t happen and thus the dominoes started falling. read article

And while all that is going down, the Czech Republic will see some political changes as well, with the coalition government decided to split up, effective from this week Friday. Either, there will be a new coalitionor elections will have to be held in June. Over the weekend, the country saw the largest protest since the late 80saimed against fiscal austerity and budget cutsread article

Overall, it’s a lovely day to be European…

So long.


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64 Responses

  1. Budget cuts for everyone but the bankers who caused the crisis.

    • Doug says:

      Your governments and it’s spoiled citizens who want cradle to grave benefits caused this.

      • †‡† says:

        “Doug says:
        May 20, 2012 at 10:46 pm

        Your governments and it’s spoiled citizens who want cradle to grave benefits caused this.”

        Jesus H. Christ, how can anyone be so stupid. Forgiving banksters and blaming regular folk is typical of cowards. What’s next, asshole? Telling the ignorant to go fighting some useless Mideast war, while you’re getting shitfaced in some trendy bar?

      • tempterrain says:

        All civilised countries, including the USA, do have benefits, to a greater or lesser extent, for their citizens from the cradle to the grave.
        They aren’t free, so it’s unfair to suggest EU citizens are “spoiled”, they are paid for out of the the taxes of those productive members of society who are largely aged between 20 and 60, and so it’s important for the successful operation of the system that levels of unemployment of this age group should be low.
        Of course , the higher the benefits, the higher the taxes which are needed to pay for them. There is bound to be argument about just where the balance should lie. And that’s all part of the democratic process.

    • Zakia says:

      you are so much right auterity measures for the poor, bank bailout for the rich. Who owns this banks and where is the billions of profits accumulated during the boom years. Alas sometimes I think only God will can end this sorry atae of affairs.

  2. Steve says:

    far-right daddy’s girl Marine LePen securing a scary 18.5%.
    The scary thing for me is it’s only 18.5%, and the rest are still voting for the trash that’s caused all this mess.

    • Chris says:

      Agree completely – The populations have been so brainwashed ikn getting for nothing except shouting seem to tghink they can continue like this – Where and if they think – the money will come from is never raised or considerd – All will colapse in the future and everyone wil have nothing . . .

      • Chris2 says:

        Chris the money (billions) will/should come from the bankers bailouts they didn’t deserve and from huge reductions in “defence” (or should that be ‘oil war’) budget cuts leaving more tax for handouts. (although using it to create jobs through various ways would be far better, like helping small businesses, etc.) Oh yeah, and stop giving handouts to the illegals and rather give it to those natural citizens to whom it was stolen from in the beginning. Restore the middle class. When that happens there will no longer be a need to give them handouts. Handouts whould be reserved for the poorest of the poor and the rest used to create jobs.

  3. Neil McGowan says:

    Right-Wing Europe?

    We’re still picking up the tab for what your NeoNazi morons Bush, Cheney, DUMBsfeld and Rice got up to, and what your current asshole has continued.

    • Doug says:

      Bush is a political conservative, that means smaller government, Nazis were socialists and believed in total government control, please educate yourself before signing on.

      • Mahon Mac says:

        @ Doug; “Nazis were socialists and believed in total government control,”

        It’s rather ironic (nota bene; definition of “understatement”) that you followed that with “please educate yourself before signing on,” since the established and readily-verifiable FACT is that the so-called “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” was “socialist” in name only.

        In reality, the “Nazis” were ultra-nationalistic, ultra-militaristic far-rightists, a.k.a. “fascists.” You would’ve known this if you ever bothered checking the relevant facts for yourself, instead of believing everything the far-rightist neo-cons and their paid press flacks tell you.

        As for Bush being a “political conservative, that means smaller government,” how do you account for the fact that he nearly DOUBLED the size of the federal government in the first two years of his “residency?” He wasn’t a “conservative,” he is a neo-con, and that’s a horse of an entirely different colour altogether.

        “Please educate yourself before signing on.” By all means, please do so; I’m far from the only intelligent person who’s dog-tired of listening to the same blatantly fallacious neo-con propaganda being endlessly rehashed, blindly parrotted and repeatedly regurgitated by mindless twits who (like you) are obviously too intellectually challenged to check the relevant facts for themselves.

      • JP says:

        The U.S. government continued to grow astronomically under Bush. Bush was no conservative, though he bore the name. Take a look at how government spending grew under his watch. Nazism was not socialist though it bore the name. If the Nazis were socialist, why did they despise communists so much?

      • Robert says:

        @JP – Stalin and Trotsky each had a following in the Soviet Communist Party. Stalin purged the Trotskyites and had Trotsky assassinated. Hitler’s Nazis were competing for power with the Communists, they were all Marxists but there was only room for one group to achieve power. Lenin killed the entrepreneurs and educated people and replaced them with bank robbers, murders, and terrorists. Mussolini and Hitler took a different approach where they left the people who knew how to run industries etc. in place under central control. Obama is currently following the Mussolini model. They are all Marxists, please educate yourself before signing on.

      • Frank says:

        Doug, you are almost correct and Mahon Mac below is a typically brainwashed liberal. Equating Bush and Republicans as Nazis demonstrates his complete ignorance academically. Nazis had socialist policies with their massive social welfare programs, but they were technically Fascist. As famed economist Thomas Sowell put it precisely, socialism, Marxism, communism (its varying degrees) posits government ownership and control of the means of production. Fascism on the other hand maintains private ownership of the means of production BUT the government tells you how to run it. Either one though is by definition tyranny. Who is John Galt?

    • Lars Chavez says:

      You are a fuckin’ idiot! I love George.
      Cheers from Peru, Stephan the Big Swede

      • Zakia says:

        I’m an African I love Bush too than the Black Skinned white man Obama. Ask me why, Bush gave funding to almost the entire African Continent to halt the spread of HIV. It has worked and it continues to work. Call him Neo Con I call him action man. he did not stop here he created the millinium challenge account, where all democratical elected governments on the continent can apply for funding, I can tell you it is working because I personallly i’am beneficiary of this programme. Tell me what your beloved liberal Obama has done, zero except smoking dagga, his coolness is that of person high on the weed man.

    • Bobby Duggar says:

      hi Neal, bob here, look you evidently don’t know what you’re talking about. so i would really open my mind if i was you. get some information from somewhere other than a local left wing rag passing its self off as a thanks man so keep a cool tool and don’t let your meatloaf.

    • Jeff Gabel says:

      Well Neil. The current economic crisis in America was precipitated by Barney “The F–” Frank and Chris Dodds when they pushed through rules making banks make hundreds of millions in bad loans so that poor people (those ones with no money) could own a home. Surprise surprise they couldn’t pay the mortgage and down goes the economy. Remember that the Democrats had both houses under the last 2 years of W. Bush and also the bleeding of cash from the Obama administration and the frenzied attempt to put everyone on government single payer medicine and increase welfare and food stamp rolls is continuing the downward spiral of our economy. What a bunch of whining Americans egged on by their Socialist/Communist handlers.

  4. Craig says:

    Keep borrowing from your future and blaming others as you spend the last of your borrowed money, the reality of your debt is coming no matter who you blame.

  5. Right Wingers are the only thing that can perhaps solve the mess that left-run Europe finds itself in.

    Too bad LePen did not get a majority.
    France will follow Greece down the toilet now.

    • Doug says:

      Yankee neo nazi hmmmmm. Very intelligent discourse we have here. I you are losing an argument the Nazi attack never fails. How about this….for the last 30 years you have embraced socialism, statism and a welfare state. You taxed your upper class till they said screw it and left for another continent. With them went your jobs and the rest of the tax revenue went with those jobs. If you make no income there is no income tax. Germany… For the first time in years actually created a fiscally sound policy, not grounded in class envy but in the fact that if your a freaking human being you should get taxed at the same rate regardless of income ( that is equality). They have no fiscal problems while every country trying the fascist route ( look up the real definition ) is failing. You people need to rely on yourselves instead of big brother, get off your ass…get a job, buy your own damn healthcare and keep your thieving hands out of the pocketbooks of people who contribute to society and maybe Europe will see an economic recovery

      • Jean says:

        You’ve never been in Europe, don’t you ? You know nothing about us , neocon parrot.

      • Lars Chavez says:

        Please, write good English! I’m from Sweden. I write American-English and British English perfectly. Shape up please. Improve your awful English grammar please!

      • Says the loudmouth teabagger American too stupid to find his own country on a map.

        Why don’t you clean up your own mess before pointing out others?

        Oh, that’s right…it’s the teabagger way to live in denial and past glories.

        America has no manufacturing base. China carries most of its debt load. It leads the world in mental illness, obesity, handgun violence, and functional illiteracy. The citizens live in a police state in all but name. Private companies loot the government at will, and people like you vote more of these morons in every political cycle, and you have the nerve to criticize people for not joining a stupid war over oil and heroin production?

        Cheney loves people like you, Doug, because you’re stupid and easily fooled into parroting the party line.

      • Roger Pankow says:

        Doug hit it right on the head. HOPEFULLY we can clean up our mess. Cheney likes people like us because when we smell garbage we call it so, and want to dispose of it. Liberals want to take the garbage and spread it all over, and wallow in it. “Private companies loot the government at will”? Actually, the government (at least here) is the one who is giving away the money to private companies, and looting the taxpayers!

      • John London says:

        Excellent response ideed. I like the way the socialists shrugg off the Nazis as “socialists in name only.” I suppose the Soviets, Peoples’ Republic, and North Koreans were/are socialists in name only as well? The left thinks the only problem with socialism is that the right people haven’t been in charge yet. Namely them…

      • John galt says:

        I don’t understand why people think nazis are rightist. They were only slightly right of communism. they maintained an elite ruling class and utilized nationalism as a shield to hide their power grabbing tendencies and need to control society. National Socialists used race or ethnicity as a determining factor to belong to their socialist agenda, while communists utilize belief in marxism as their methodology.

      • Bobby Duggar says:

        @ jean. I lived here for 15 years since 1985 Doug has hit the nail on the head, get off your hating ass and get a job. quit trying to loot those who have bent over backwards to help your ass.

      • Danny P says:

        “I don’t understand why people think nazis are rightist. They were only slightly right of communism. they maintained an elite ruling class and utilized nationalism as a shield to hide their power grabbing tendencies and need to control society. National Socialists used race or ethnicity as a determining factor to belong to their socialist agenda, while communists utilize belief in marxism as their methodology.”

        Yeah, “John Galt”, thanks for bringing more Ayn Rand-cultist ideological muddying to the table. You’re right, the Nazis were “slightly right of communism,” because as Orwell accurately pointed out, communism is actually right-wing. There’s no substantive change in operation, just a shift in the personalities of the leaders. The same power structures still exist.
        “they maintained an elite ruling class and utilized nationalism as a shield to hide their power grabbing tendencies and need to control society” – umm…yeah, that’s right wing. Nationalism and power. The juvenile belief that it’s possible to return to the past and hide under a blanket of nostalgia from the oncoming inevitable future. In that case, a return to feudalism when democracy was asserting itself.
        You should have just stopped at “I don’t understand”; at least that would have been accurate.

      • chris says:

        hear, hear!!!

    • Doug says:

      France is only in Afghanistan…all 1200 of you. Wow huge expense there. I think Poland sent more than that

    • jacksprat57 says:

      When I find myself half-agreeing with Eurotrash like you, I remind myself how it all came about. German reparations to hyperinflation to Naziism to War to complaints of “where the hell are you Yanks” now that we’ve once again set the world on fire to the growth of our military-industrial complex and the death of our children in another of your internecine squabbles to your collusive postwar efforts to have us continue to provide for your common defense. Had you lot never heard that power, like nature, abhors a vacuum? Just how long did you imagine that you and our own Europhiles could maintain control of the dragon for which you lot share the blame? The whole of the modern system was set up in consultations in Brussels over the years, so don’t go playing all innocent now that the dragon has gotten off its leash. At least you lot were spared much of the propaganda with which we’ve been deluged from cradle to grave for the last four generations. You know, the very same propaganda the use of which your Winston and Fleet Street and security services schooled our power elites.

      • Mike says:

        Brussels is a very disgusting and depressing city. I hope our European policians will see beyond that and do their proper job until such a time that European HQ is moved to a more salubrious location.
        Frankfurt, or Munich or even AquaSulis, Corinium ,Sorviodunum or even Glevum would be better choices, particularly, as it turns out that British Anglo-Saxons are in fact of continental european origin.

    • jacksprat57 says:

      We were quite happy minding our own business. A sizable majority of us were confirmed isolationists. Are you having second thoughts at having involved us in your petty food fights? Us, too. I long for the day when we finally rise up and put paid to our oppressors. In the meantime, I’ll pull up a chair to the telly, microwave some popcorn, and await the fireworks when your dear German “friends” finally get their way and more openly exert their increasing control of the “European Experiment”.

    • Lars Chavez says:

      Exactly amigo! That’s why Sweden, my country, is so good. Run by the Conservative Party for two straight mandates, and one of the world’s best economies. But my party is not really right-wing, a little bit to the center but still very pro-free enterprise and pro-private everything. I like it. It works.

      Cheers, Steph in Lima, Peru (going home soon to Stockholm)

    • You obviously are deluded, stupid, or both to make such an uneducated and idiotic statement.

      The right-wingers support the banks that caused this mess in the first place.

      No more right or left wing stupidity. A secular, atheist, logical leadership is needed to fix this mess that ideology has put us all in.

      • Miglo says:

        Same thing is happening here in Australia. The right wing want to strangle the country for their own selfish needs.

      • Tim says:

        Seems like the secular, atheist, logical leadership has got you into this ideological mess

      • Danny P says:

        “Seems like the secular, atheist, logical leadership has got you into this ideological mess”

        What are you basing that on?

      • Bull. In Australia the Unions and the Labor party are leading us to the UN agenda 21 ,One world Government. She taxes the average folk and gives it all to the World Bank and the UN. She(Gillard) is a commie.

    • France has been in the toilet!! Gutless wonders reliant on handouts.

  6. Bumba Clot says:

    A cradle to grave mentality and aging demographics were the old continents downfall! Your only hope is increased immigration of foreign nationals to pay into and work for the system. GOOD LUCK !

  7. london11 says:

    Jean- you might want to reconsider your grammar

  8. Pooka says:

    Wow, I don’t know what happened but I stumbled into the moron factory over here.

  9. WakeUpAmerica says:

    What is so ‘scary’ about the right wing parties wanting fiscal responsibilty and austerity programs put in place? Other then being the mouthpiece for the lefty lib MSM, let’s talk FACTS!France’s Hollande is a fool if he thinks he can bypass the looming defaults and try to build on a foundation of sand, print more money,like Owebama’s trying to do in America! PM Angela Merkel & Mr. Schraeuble will give him an education in economics he won’t soon forget!

  10. human says:

    NO! you are wrong.

    It’s really scary that commies, socialist and other kinds of marxist lunatics are in power.

    It’s scary that hollande won in france….

  11. JayV says:

    What kind of discourse is this? My ears are ringing just from reading it. I can imagine the blood vessels throbbing in your frontal lobes. What’re you going to achieve?

    Or is it some kind of pastime, caricaturing each others (supposed) positions?

  12. […] Europe is getting scary « The Daily News Brief Right-wing Europe is getting scary « The Daily News Brief. Share […]

  13. RNR says:

    @JOHN LONDON could you be any more ignorant? not one of those are socialists, they are communists, capitalists (conservatives/right wing) and fascists! you need to read a book! the nazis claimed to be socialist, but were capitalists in every respect! socialism is the ideal of living by laws that you agree with, instead of laws designed to increase the profits made by your right wing nazi corporations out of abusing people!

  14. Pignut says:

    This debate is generating more heat than light.

    The right in Europe and America promises small government, cuts public services and then enlarges government and raises taxes to pay for things like arms export subsidies, going to war and a wide variety of discrete forms of corruption that allow corporations to get their snouts in the public trough of education, healthcare, prisons, defense, agriculture etc.

    The left generally does much the same thing justifying it with different rhetoric.

    Yes, some people scrounge off of welfare, but corporate welfare, bailouts to the banks and corruption etc. are by far the biggest cost to society right now.

    The current crisis was caused by an economic system that forced ordinary people into debt. A wealthy ruling elite behaved abysmally, profiting from the debt, dodging tax and rigging the system in their own favour. When their greed and selfishness caused the economic system to collapse, they demanded economic aid from the middle class and working class taxpayers who had suffered the most before and after the collapse

    And let’s not forget that economic wealth ultimately comes from natural resources, such as minerals, topsoil, forests etc. An environmentally unsustainable society will ultimately prove to be economically unsustainable too.

    • Chris2 says:

      Brilliant comment – couldn’t agree more Pignut !!! Its not necessarily the wealthy who are at fault, but rather the super wealthy (banks and mines mainly) who have bought $$$ the govenments of the west ! Unfortunaly our watered down modern form of semi-police state, media lies, democracy is incapable of putting a true anti-banker government in power. People like Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy tried to fight the banks and look what ended up happening to them. Unfortunaly there is a good chance that the banks will only loose power through a total worldwide modetary collapse because their power is roughted in money and once moneys value evaporates so does their power. The fight between left and right wing, democrat republican, etc is all just a front as they are both bought by the banks and both hypocrits !

  15. Jon says:

    I’ll clear up the meaning of “left wing” and “right wing” for all of the political Einsteins who cannot differentiate. If I were an Ayn Rand educated person with a propensity to talk a lot, I’d sure as heck remember to keep my mouth shut when it came to politics, knowing that I don’t know the first thing about them.

    “Left wing” is a term to describe the politics of the individual. ALL politics that elevate the importance of the individual over the group are, by strict definition, left wing. Communism was and is, contrary to the popular opinion of dolts, the politics of the individual. Communism’s primary mechanism of action is to strip the populace of all political power by dispossessing them of cultural, racial, and religious unity. These are all unifying spheres that work to allow people to form strong bonds, co-operate effectively under those bonds, and thus create political power. Instead, Communism works to individualize the masses by eradicating culture/heritage, racial unity, and religious unity. It prioritizes the rights of the individual over the good of the group, thus creating individual points of political disunity within the group. All individuals with “unique” characteristics, such as gays or whoever else you can think of, are given carte blanche to express their individual preferences even if the politics or culture of the group suffers for it. All leftism works to eradicate group unity as it’s primary purpose. Once this is accomplished, the masses can be ruled by an aristocracy, uncontested. The necessary political power to overthrow any despot remains disorganized or outright non-existant depending on the continued effectiveness of the propaganda. ALL libertarianism is simply hoodwinked leftism, despite the simple misconceptions of it’s adherents. Just like communism, in the social realm (which is all that truly matters, politically) it is an individualizing force. Libertarians are the lowest IQ political group on earth, because they fail to realize the simple axiom that holds that no “individual” can beat any army or win an election. ALL political power is based in effective group co-operation, which libertarianism and all leftism works to tear down when it is manifested in any significant way. The only significant umbrella for group unity will allow any and all political power of the group to be accumulated and passed on inter-generationally. This is why race and religion are the only two truly viable candidates for the generation and accumulation of political power. A racial religion is the most viable candidate.

    “Right wing” is a term used to describe all politics that work to make any group more politically unified, and therefore to increase the political power of that group in a measurable way. The primary purpose of right wing politics is to strengthen group unity, group loyalty, group co-operation, inter-generational power, and therefore group political effectiveness. The importance of the individual is rejected for the good of the group. Family (and by extension ethnic nationalism), and religion are emphasized as the unifying institutions that hold right wing groups together so that they may best avoid bondage from other strong groups that will exploit them. These three institutions are emphasized because there is nothing more effective (inter-generationally unifying), and therefore they are necessary for political defense against other groups. Effective political resistance to other powerful groups is politically impossible in a multicultural left wing society. Thus, you see the political catastrophe that embodies the USA. The USA is a political mess because it is a cultural mess. No one has any real ties to anyone else, and therefore no loyalty outside of small groups. Politicians sell out in great numbers, because there is nothing deep and meaningful that ties them to the people. The end result, after the country is looted, is the cultural black hole of communism.

    So, you can see why, indeed, fascism and communism are NOT both left wing movements. Fascism (social conservatism) works by unifying the people toward the end of generating great political power from the people themselves. The ruler of the country then rules with the consent of that politically powerful and unified people. Fascist leaders are loved leaders, and rule by consent-albeit with the guideline that all threatening liberalism will not be tolerated. Communist ruled people are slaves. They are not ruled by consent, because they have zero political power nor the cultural ability to generate true power. They are robbed of their right to unify under religion or ethnicity.

    In the end, I believe that liberals and communists believe that if all politically unifying institutions can be destroyed, then the world will be at peace and everyone will live in harmony. This is the conclusion of either someone who has a low IQ, a drug addled mind, or simply hasn’t prioritized the subject enough to think it through. If only ONE group successfully resists liberalism and retains their political power, than that group will have the political power necessary to rule ALL communist/liberal peoples in the world. Are you liberals/communists willing to risk your freedom from slavery on the hope that liberalism can simultaneously wipe out ALL nationalism in the world before just ONE nationalist group seizes power over all liberalized peoples in the world? Guess what? It’s never, ever going to happen. You will be ruled by an aristocracy stronger than yourselves, period. All because you didn’t understand politics enough to hold on to the most valuable commodity that you have toward preserving your freedom from bondage: social conservatism/fascism, or whatever other name you wish to give it.

    The real tragedy is that your lack of ability to figure all of this out is dragging the West to it’s knees, and all of us who know the reality of the situation with you. That’s just not right, and it’s why people are so upset. YOU are the puppets of the rulers of this world, not the resistance against them. The rest of us can only hope that you are one day able to do the required math and reject your liberalism before our civilization falls completely into despotic slavery.

  16. ROD vIAR says:

    Very well stated!!

  17. chris says:

    “right wing europe ” is a impossible statement. a “right wing” european is like a north american union leader.

    • Servant says:

      Your are 100% correct. the European model offers ONLY gigantic government options. So you can either have a nationalist-leaning socialism on the “Right” or the communist remnant that evolved into environmentally branded oligarchical socialism on the “Left”. Green is the new Red , you know…

    • Mike says:

      “right wing europe ” is a impossible statement. a “right wing” european is like a north american union leader.”

      Not true. In fact some of our union leaders in USA rule OK.

      Union leaders in Boeing, particularly in the Seattle factory, still seem to be pretty powerful, so don’t write us off yet , otherwise it might be necesary to “discuss” with you about your opinion in one of the backrooms of our Everett factory.

  18. Abu Nudnik says:

    The far right in Europe is a moderate Democrat of the Kennedy stamp.

  19. rebelrouser says:

    So here’s how it works. Banks (FED, IMF, World Bank and their minions) loan money created out of thin air (costs them nothing) to governments. In turn, governments finance freebies to maintain and enhance power. Banks up their profitability by loaning even more money, and before you know it, their collective hands are around the collective political necks of government. So what to do? Slowly withdraw addicted populace from freebies, sheeple now going through painful withdrawal symptoms. Divert attention by blaming business and high earners for everything, then raise taxes on the rich. Rich leave country – jobs disappear -and the Ponzi scheme begins to collapse as kicking can down the road becomes an Olympic sport. Party is almost over. Time to re-boot.

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