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Labor day is protest day

It’s May Day, International Worker’s Day, Labor Day, whatever you want to call it, and Europe is bracing itself to see the unions [and any leftist] go nuts. France and Greece are in midst of elections, Italy’s unions are notorious for being irrational, Spain is groaning under austerity measures. I don’t think I have to recount all the European crisis tales to get my point across here…

But as said demonstrations are yet to happen and get out of control, today appears to be a day of reading features as opposed to breaking news, so here we go.

Occupy Wall Street is also crawling out of its cave for this occasion, asking for the 99% to ditch school, work and any other obligations or fun things planned to make the world see what it would be like without them. I’m failing to see how walking out of class is making any kind of point here. Anyway. Moving on.

There is trouble in the paradise known as the Eurogroup (group of European finance ministers), trouble that was very much expected to happen. Jean-Claude Junker, the current Luxembourg .. Luxembourgian .. Luxembourgeois (!!) prime minister, is not going to renew his term as chairman of the group due to the on-going differences between France and Germany that interfere with managing the crisis. Next in line is German finance minister Wolfgang ‘Austerity’ Schaeubleread article

BusinessWeek spoke to Jens Weidemann, head of the German central bank, who would deserve the above middle name even more, on idealism, Keynes and the eurozoneread article

“As soon as I mention to people that I’m an accountant, the conversation ends.” Joris Luyendijk talked to him anyway, about millions and billions and how noone understands banks anymore. read article

An array of graphs projecting the world in 2030, both interesting and unsurprising. view graphs

So long.


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