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Being done with taking Europe serious – once and for all

After Wednesday’s unproductive Eurogroup meeting, Michel Barnier, EU commissioner for interal market and services, who loves regulating markets like no other, has now said the UK could be out-voted in future negotiations. The chairman of the German banking association argues the exact opposite, saying that the continent will try to avoid more clashes with the UK. Here’s Alphaville’s pictorial of Wednesday’s meeting.

I’m beginning to wonder if this whole crisis could feed into a superhero story at some point… Jose Manuel Barroso shining a € in the overcast night sky… much like Batman but not as cool.

We’re looking forward to a weekend with general elections in France in Greece, followed by a bank holiday in the UK, on which we can sit back and guess the headlines of the coming weeks. While the outcome in France is more or less certain, as Hollande is basically already on the way to Berlin, the picture looks quite different in Greece. Even before any ballot has been cast, there is already talk of another round of elections due to an unstable coalition.Preemptive political freakout much? read article

study by the Conference Board shows that entry-level salaries are so heavily depressed since 2008 (and before inflation…) that there could be a whole truckload of structural issues coming our way in the next years. read article

Thanks to Google, Apple, Facebook and every other large cooperation with European headquarters in Dublin, the Irish housing market appears to be bouncing back. Re-e-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-o-o-w-l-y. Fine, ‘bouncing’ is a little exaggerated, but house prices haven’t dropped from February to March, which is a start, right?

This is the Economist’s global house price indicator tool, you may want to compare Ireland to Germany or even the US. Here is a comparison of US and European housing prices, before, after and during numerous bubble’s burst.

Finally, the Daily Express ‘reports’ that the EU is planning a plot to “realise their dream of abolishing Britain.”read article

Have a good (long) weekend.


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