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Can we please talk about something else?

Reuters’ headline this morning: “EU wants Greece in euro, but plans for possible exit.” It might as well have read “EU wants to have its cake and eat it too.”

I don’t know why everyone (today it’s MarketBeat once again) is still saying that it is likely to get worse in Europe before it gets better… Likely? Isn’t it already getting worse by the week/day/minute?

The six-hour (not -course) dinner of EU leaders resulted in the typical EU soft talk of plans to make everything better, this time in form of keeping Greece in the euro. But just in case nobody believes them or they don’t believe themselves (…) plans how to manage the exit will be put in place. This might be worth talking about again when there are more tangible statements to work with. Having said that, I do hope they all enjoyed their food last night.

The euro slumped to its lowest value against the dollar in 22 months and remember, this charade is going to continue for at least another month, when Greece is taking another stab at electing a government.

The Facebook situation has turned into a fight of the titans NYSE and NASDAQ: apparently, Zuckerberg & CO are in talks with NYSE to switch exchanges. All parties involved declined to commentread article

I’m so tired of this, let’s talk about something else.

For example, how the British government is historically bad at managing its budgetno matter if labor or conservative (read article), or how Europe’s borders meandered on during the past 1000 years (watch video), or maybe income inequality, economic growth and fairness under the Obama administration (read article). Anything, really.

So long.


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