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It’s a weird day when North Korea announces a tablet

I think I will refrain from telling you anything about the EU summit until tomorrow when the dust will have settled. Right now it might be too confusing and dramatic for any of us to handle, it looks like the final clash of the titans. Yesterday, Angela Merkel called short-term measures to depress Italian and Spanish borrowing costs “eyewash [mouthwash?] and fake solutions.” Again, tonight’s soccer match between Germany and Italy is politically loaded. A short summary to the starting positions of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Merkel, Monti, Rajoy and Hollande, on MarketBeat this morning.

The Netherlands, who were sure they experienced a recession in Q1, revised their figures and guess what: no recession anywhere! The national bureau of statistics had been off by 0.5%, reporting negative growth of 0.2% in April. But au contraire, the Dutch economy had been growing by 0.3%. This is the most significant miscalculation the bureau has ever made. What is this, Greece? read article

After yesterday’s introduction of the ‘Brixit’, we might as well talk about a Gerxit. Yeah, that’s right, I mean Germany exiting the euro. Here’s the thought experiment as proposed by and economist and an investor. read article

On that note, a YouGov poll found that 28% of Germans would vote against the EU membership, if presented with the opportunity.

Otherwise, everybody and their mother is developing their own version of the iPad: Microsoft, Google, North Korea… wait what? Indeed, a North Korean tablet computer called Samjiyon, produced in China and unable to connect to the internet, is said to hit the market.

Barclays is having a bad day. After the rate manipulation scandal that was washed up on shore in the past days, which Barclays was fined £290m for, the banks’ shares slumped by more than 10% today.
Also in London: It is one of the two development projects in the City that are re-shaping the skyline of the Thames: The Shard (the other one is, or will be the Pinnacle on Bishopsgate). Here’s Felix Salmon [who is not in London] on why it is a metaphor for the cityread article

Finally, this is Warren Buffet singing along with Bon Jovi. Hands up whose belief in capitalism is not entirely restored!

So long.


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  1. princess1960 says:

    thank you and gooooodmorning ..i start with beautifull thing’s IT-GER 2-1
    Merkel wanted big EU in moment can not keep what have…
    Monti is smart technocrat he see the situation is out from the control and trying to use the bad politice GER (keep one hide cualicione) with GR SP AND FR ..
    Merkel to safe EU(VERY DIFFICULT) she risk her politice cariera..
    GR is GR ..we know how bad is and how they working (bad)
    F SALMON about the EN
    UK open the doores all for investimant this is good ..
    I don’t know what Rithmisis have plan UK but i see there take the problem up in hand..this is good too.
    GLORY OF LOVE ” is and for me too ..
    i see people with very rich income have nice emotional sens
    i like the people do it because the life needed balance and this balance make the successs..

    is a littel long but one by one will come close …
    happy to read your information .
    i wait for next..
    AH.about N KOREA very strict in job and this i like ..get (apotelessma)..

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