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Europe blazing, Apple releases Christmas-iPad

German business confidence fell for the sixth month in a row, on the back of PMI data that missed expectations, and maybe also general scepticism towards Germany’s role in Europe. On the other side of the world, the same indicator for China showed a much better result and eased the fears over slowing growth.

The ECB’s Mario Draghi is in Germany today, discussing the legality of the ECB’s bond purchasing program that could save Spain and the world with the Bundestag’s committee for finance, budget and European affairs. Adding a legal struggle to the idea, could have obvious devastating effects to the development of Europe’s peripheral disaster. The OMT, Outright Monetary Transactions program, introduced by the ECB in September, is exceeding the bank’s mandate and leaves many questions about the administration of the program unanswered, says the German government. At this point, Spain has still not requested a bailout, maybe because the ECB has not figured out their role in it yet.

Meanwhile in the UK and US, authorities seems to be ready to pump some more money into the economy: the US despite it’s modest improvement, and the UK despite its best efforts so far. The Bank of England’s Mervyn King warned of the limits of quantitative easing and asked for patience to see results. Alphaville on UK vs US development throughout the crisis.

Apple released another new product: the ultimate bridge between the not-really-that-necessary iPad and the much-more-necessary-but-did-it-really-have-to-be-taller iPhone, is an iPad in Kindle-size for the bargain price of £269. Take a wild guess which competitor that’s aiming at. The pricing of Christmas-iPad is a source of investor worries, as it is still much more (more than £100) expensive than Amazon’s Kindle or Google’s Nexus. read article

After the EU regulation imposing a women-quota of 40% in company boards was rejected in the European Parliament yesterday, presumably to the disappointment of center-left parties, the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2012, released today, shows that equality is slowly improving. Of the 132 countries in the survey, 82 improved their equality ratings from 2011 to 2012, closing 60% of the global economic gender gap. Only 60%. The UK (#18) and Germany (#13) have each lost two ranks, while China’s gender gap has actually widened a bit. Unsurprisingly/Traditionally, the top 5 countries were Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Ireland.

So long.

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  1. princess1960 says:

    thank you ..i just read from J MAULDIN.VERY INTRISTING ANALYSIS .for me to day is full information about global economy ..
    sorry not because your is not usefull but i take one very good icone ..
    i see WEFG ..have conclusion about the economy this is not intristing (ligo-poli) we know how is the situation (just exacte numbers or % )they give if is (true)
    APPL you know they trying to keep highe the profit (they did)with new gadget ..every 2 month (with very cheap) cost and high prices..
    ECB ..for me not some special role in EUROPE (they should do) MD with eurobound wanted to help IT SP he do good why not (but help is enough)?NOT
    IT is very highe tension even political now ..(male )
    GER have good corporation with CHINE ..OK the same ideology …
    USA never give something for free this relationship allways cost some were …cut tax for output gv .(is and EUZ) they pish for worse ..NOW we will see after election in USA what decide ..because a true is IF USA WILL FIX POLITICAL ECONOMICAL even the rest of the world will fix
    so long so long so long ……………………………………..

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