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Waiting for what there is to come

This pretty much sums it up:

…with investors reluctant to make any big bets on the last trading day before the closely contested US election and with an eye on China’s leadership transition later in the week.

Apple is considering to strip Intel of a massive deal: in 2005, Apple decided to switch from Motorola and IBM chips to Intel processors for its Macbooks. Now word got out that Apple believes its own chips that run its iPhones and iPads will soon be developed enough to replace Intel technology in laptops. Only judging by the Macbook ratio in London’s Starbucks alone (one Starbucks, two Starbucks?), it becomes clear that this is about a lot of money. When it came to official comments, fingers were pointed silently, with Intel referring all requests to Apple, which in turn decided to keep quiet. As with basically all news regarding the Apple, “people close to the matter” are to blame, like the time the new top-secret iPhone was forgotten in some bar… read article

The IMF released its annual report on the French economy yesterday, saying if Hollande fails to drive its country towards necessary reforms, it would follow Italy and Spain down the rabbit hole of financial and political crisis. The IMF points out that France lacks competitiveness among its peers and predicts its economy to grow only 0.4% in the first half of 2013 – halving the rate expected in Paris. Of course, Christine Lagarde used to be French Minister of Finance, so naturally, she knows better. Former CEO of EADS, Louis Gallois, also issued a report, addressed to Monsieur Hollande himself. Gallois is saying the same, that France has to man up sooner than later. His recommendations include cuts in welfare spending, more support to businesses of all sizes and exploiting France’ shale gas reserves. read article

London’s financial district will lose another 13,000 jobs next year says the Centre of Economics and Business Research (CEBR). That would increase the number of jobs lost since the onset of the crisis in 2007 to 100,000. Happy days. The City’s workforce will be at its lowest in 20 years come 2014, CEBR continues. Even happier days. A disgruntled Allister Heath (CITY AM) writes that this has gone too far.

In other news, BMW is set to post another record-sales year, with sales up 8.6% between January and September 2012. For Germany that means that its car industry, of all options available, is driving its export economy the most. The fact that Japanese car makers have essentially lost China as a market in the past three months, certainly doesn’t harm either.

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One Response

  1. princess1960 says:

    hello we start with CHINA ..this country allways will be power because they working by disipline and ruls.(doesn’t metter who is party winn )
    for me is example..
    BMW up this is very good and why is up? because is made in GER ..not made in CHina
    Franch ah.. HOLLAND think’s was better politican than others ..bsh ..(i think Merkel doesn’t like and now she want to put the feet under the earth to him)
    intel ..ok technology is the same with the manifacture carmachinery ..concurance

    allways under the srtong market finded.
    JAPAN was and is the best even because they have problem right now .

    LONDON unemployment how i have read they keep balance betw institution with bad and good income
    untill now i think is good ..BUT dont forget ALL the EU after 2012 will change ..
    ELECTION USA REALLY GOOD LUCK FOR BOTH (because they spend toooooooooo much money for this )

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