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Black Friday after Black Thursday; FT Deutschland shuts down

It’s Black Friday, THE day in the world of retail, except some companies started early this time around. Firms included Wal-MartTarget and Toys”R”Us offered their traditional Black Friday discounts on Thanksgiving day itself. What was that good for? MarketBeat says it raised the bar: on expectations and stock prices.

On EU issues, this summary says it all:

First it was Greece, which Europe couldn’t “resolve” on Monday night despite Juncker’s vocal promises to the contrary, and was embarrasses into postponing until next Monday when everything will surely be fixed. Now, the time has come to delay the “resolution” of the EU budget, which was supposed to be implement[ed] last night, then a decision was delayed until today, and now every European government leader is saying a new meeting will likely be needed to resolve the budget impasse.

The FT reports that the deadlock between the EU’s North and South could delay a budget deal until the new year. So far, rumors say the overall size of the budget, approximately €1tn hasn’t changed – much to the displeasure of the UK and Sweden. As mentioned before, the European common agriculture policy takes the biggest share of the budget, and received an additioanl €7.7bn.

In other news, Bolivia has been invited to join Mercosurthe association between Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela, while Argentina has criticized yesterday’s decision of a New Yorker judge that the country has to proceed with its debt repayments and reimbursements to its hedge fund bond holders, sparking new fears about another South American defaultread article

The gender battle about the next appointment to the ECB’s board has been won by Yves Mersch of Luxemburg. Politically, Mersch is part of the German anti-inflation party. The German edition of the Financial Times is officially shutting down on 7 December, slashing 364 jobs in Hamburg, Frankfurt and offices abroad. I am deeply upset.

Weekend reading:

– Deutsche Bank and the [unbiased] case for the “universal” mega bankread article

– Is Ben Bernanke the new Wizard of Ozread article

– Gaza in an infographic, read article

– Inflation measured on the price of turkeyread article

Have a good one.


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2 Responses

  1. princess1960 says:

    because i like what you write ..iam not worry
    black friday or deficite ? both
    a true this black friday for shopping is one oputinity for bayers and for the sellers..and gv too .
    so for my opinion is not black (if you are worry for the people there ) what you wanted everything ok? no my friend is not all ok in life (balance) eh .
    EUROPA.. what to say they are all stoler or (appateones)?
    why? finded ..
    GR was rich country now is poor.
    SP was rich country now is poor
    IT TOO
    PORTOGALY TOO and all one by one have so big problem (elipsy money)
    and all after EUZ create..
    so where is the problem?
    they wanted to make EU have all under control .richness
    we have ECB ..and they wanted UB ..WHY/ more bourocracty?
    with our money..
    ps..i don’t say sorry if i don’t feel i have mistake ,,you are very good in your job and i respect this ,how i have read untill now i understand you character or temperament .Idon’t have careere in my life (a true i don’t care)because who’s now how bad person should be .my charachter is i say what i think ,and i am not scary (maybe should )i never like to offend noone
    you do//.i accpet you ‘not because i know you but because i like what you write .SO you keep your opinion for your self with out offend me and i keep my opinion ..(I THINK IS MORE RIGHT THAN YOURS)..
    I LIKE YOU TO MUCH you don’t have to do ..
    ah..GAZA is problem many year (iam 100%) with ISRAEL in this are not this is your problem ..finded to see not sentimental (i have children too) but they joungh mothers take a children in hell ,,so they don’t care ..why i have to do?
    thank you my friend
    have a nice weekend
    with money .with love .with what you want..
    for me is the same .

  2. […] the globe, Argentina is kind of blackmailing the American legal system. In November, three New York judges ruled that Argentina had to repay selected creditors a total of $1.3bn. […]

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